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Procrastination & ADD

Getting started - if only we could get started making progress on a project right away, instead of waiting until the last hour to get the fires of success burning bright. So many of us waste countless hours "trying to get started", and then console ourselves with the claim that we perform best under pressure. It doesn't have to be that way. Take back your unproductive time. Get some help from a qualified ADHD coach call 973-557-4140.

Going Nowhere, Fast!

I hear that alot and sometimes say it... I'm going nowhere, and FAST! In reality I'm buring a lot of fires at once, and not making enough progress to see the win. Often I fall enough behind to miss the chance, and that's a FAIL. I learned that about myself the hard way. Why should you re-learn it the hard way? An ADD coach can help you with time management and focus.


ADD Coach

A life coach for the functional person with ADD. Your ADD coach watches you live your day, learns where your ADD is holding you hostage, and then guides you to the techniques and skills you need to succeed.

Time Management & Organization

For some, success comes from effective time management. Distraction and a lack of focus can be managed by schedule. "I can't right now, because I have to be somewhere else." Shorter meetings. One task at a time. Fewer shortcuts, causing fewer re-dos. Better delegation, leading to better plans, with fewer loose ends to complicate matters. Call an ADD coach right now 973-557-4140 and ask for a consult. It could work out well for you.

Multitasking & "FOCUS"

Multitasking is inefficient. There are switching costs. Focus brings efficiency. Learn to focus.


ADHD Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Under-achiever, capable of so much more, yet feeling like an over-achiever, in over your head? Hard to explain that to others who just see someone trying to do too much? Entrepreneurs know what really matters, and it's not always what the world demands of us. How to deliver on both fronts? Understand. Prepare. Plan. Deliver. Over and over. Win after win. Try an ADD coach call 973-557-4140.


You can achieve it if you can define it, and your ADD coach will help define success with you right from the start.



You have a unique view of the world. You can contribute what no one else can. Creative, passionate, but a little different? Wired differently? We know.

What Does an ADD Coach Do?

Your ADD coach will witness your average day, making note of where your ADD may be interfering and costing you. Your coach will work with you to develop skills and techniques for capitalizing on your strengths while avoiding over reliance on weak areas. Many coaches are well managed ADD themselves. They learned how to minimize the downsides and maximize the potential. Through training and experience, they've developed plans to help others quickly identify the problems, understand the realities, and focus on the powerful positive aspects of your unique brain, while reducing the impact of any negatives. Find an ADD coach in your area or call 973-557-4140..

Prescription Drug Addiction

If you have an active addiction to prescription drugs, pain killers, or street drugs, call for help 24 hours 7 days per week. In New Jersey, call Sunrise Detox in Morris County or Toms River at 888-443-3869. Near Atlanta, Georgia call Sunrise Detox Atlanta at (678)762-0370. For drug detox in Florida, call (954)491-9700.

Alcohol Abuse & Detox

If you are dependent upon alcohol and need assistance, call the 24 hour helpline in New Jersey 888-443-3869. Near Atlanta, Georgia call Sunrise Detox Atlanta at (678)762-0370. For help in Florida, call (954)491-9700.